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The Customer Experience, You’re In Good Company

A close friend recommended Aquienta. They shared their experience stating that they had a small backyard footprint in Phoenix and had an initial discovery meeting onsite with Aquienta to understand their vision for the space.


Aquienta returned with a sample of a well mapped out pool and landscaping design, which they said was exceptional. They were then invited to their showroom to begin product selections. Based on that, we decided to call Aquienta as well. Immediately we were drawn to Dennis as a family-owned business owner. We had a common thread. He wasn’t a pitch person and was committed to handling EVERYTHING.


All the other companies I contacted lacked communication, didn’t do any homework on our property to prepare for our meeting, some thought the homeowner should be responsible for project managing each scope of work since most are sub contracted. Others were very impersonable and lacked discovery conversations about the vision we had for our backyard.

Last but not least one company didn’t believe in coming to our home to see what our yard looked like to capture the shape of the property. Our backyard is exactly what we had envisioned and we are so very pleased with the craftsmanship from Aquienta’s team. We highly recommend them!